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Visual Artist

Born in 1998 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Rita finished her bachelor degree in Painting in 2020 at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon. In September 2021, the artist moved to London, United Kingdom, where she made a Masters degree in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London.


She finished her dissertation “How Art and Education Can Make a Change in Honduran Children’s Lives: Artistic and Fieldwork Research”, with a “distinction” mark. Rita is currently based in Lisbon.

​ Artist and activist, Rita is using painting, a peaceful way of communication, as a way of making a statement. She believes that art can have an important role in social change, as a way of spreading a message and of intervening.


 Her most successful projects, that resulted in solo exhibitions, were the ones in support of Human Rights in Palestine ("I Can't Breathe Since 1948", 2021;"Idenity and Land", 2023) and of Honduran children's rights and safety, by promoting education in the country ("Hope in The Shadows", 2022/2023).


Both projects were inspired by her travels to Palestine and to Honduras. Rita believes that it is important to travel and to do fieldwork research before addressing the circumstances of a country and its people.

​ Rita realises that there is a whole part of the world whose struggles are being left out of the discussion. The artist feels that what happens outside Europe doesn’t have any importance, unless it affects its countries directly.


The artist is currently working on a new project she called "Reflect". The artworks of this project are paintings on mirrors, a way of inviting the viewer to look at the image and reflect on what their role in our society is. The collection will be exhibited between March 1 - 9 at Sestante Art Gallery, in Cascais, Portugal. 

“Artists can have a very important role in the world. Art tells the stories of the voiceless in various shapes and forms, allowing us to truly connect in a spirit of understanding.”
Rita Andrade


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